Queer & Trans Zinefest 2022

Sunday, September 4 at The Steel Yard


Afi Goncalves Profile Picture

Afi Goncalves

Providence, RI

Afi like Coffee without the C

Amy Wanner Jeansonne Profile Picture

Amy Wanner Jeansonne

Troy, NY

Amy Wanner Jeansonne is an educator, maker, library professional, and parent. She created Go Slow Studio to make space for practices in somatic movement, art, and human ecology as a way to address chronic pain and nourish the mind-body-spirit connection. Her work is shaped by a scrappy midwestern upbringing, queer culture, a deep appreciation for our greater ecology, and years she spent living and teaching science in New Orleans.

Beatrix Urkowitz Profile Picture

Beatrix Urkowitz

Providence, RI

Beatrix Urkowitz makes comics in Providence, Rhode Island. Her works include "She's Done it All!" and "The Beauty Theorem" for Penguin Random House, as well as "The Lover of Everyone in the World" for Popula. The latter was recently expanded into a book of the same name for Parsifal Press. She's currently developing "Penelope's Property," her first graphic novel.

Black and Pink Providence Profile Picture

Black and Pink Providence

Providence, RI

Black and Pink PVD is the volunteer-run Rhode Island chapter of a national prison abolitionist organization dedicated to abolishing the criminal punishment system and liberating LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV/AIDS through advocacy, support, and organizing.

bread&bone Profile Picture


Providence, RI

cochambrosa cartoonist extraordinaire based in Providence, RI

Cardboard House Press Profile Picture

Cardboard House Press

Providence, RI

Cardboard House Press is a 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to the creation of spaces and media for cultural, artistic, and literary development. We publish writing, art, and contemporary thought from Latin America and Spain, and host bilingual events, community projects and workshops. Our work serves as a platform to exchange ideas and highlight meanings that stimulate diverse human connections and social actions. All of our publications are bilingual— English and Spanish. To date we have published authors from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain and Uruguay.

carsh Profile Picture


Providence RI

Puerto Rican-Mexcian, Carin (also known as Carsh) is currently studying illustration in Rhode Island and is pursuing a career in animation and comics. In their free time, Carin likes hanging out with their fat cat Lily and haunting the comic section at their local library.

Cathy G. Johnson Profile Picture

Cathy G. Johnson

Providence, RI

Cathy G. Johnson is a cartoonist, printmaker and educator residing on occupied Narragansett land in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work delves into the complicated worlds of young people, exploring the hardships and joys of adolescence. She works with bright splashing colors and atmospheric grayscales, using themes of nature and rebellion. Her graphic novels include ‘Jeremiah’ (2015), ‘Gorgeous’ (2016) and ‘The Breakaways’ (2019). Her self-published comic ‘Black Hole Heart’ (2020) won an Ignatz Award.

Charlie Best Profile Picture

Charlie Best

Providence, RI

charlie is an artist, seamstrix, and farmworker. they love sequential art, adobe flash games, unicorns, and repairing clothes.

Cherry Picking & Rosemary's Babee Profile Picture

Cherry Picking & Rosemary's Babee

Providence, RI

Ro & Mina are best friends. They love creating, screaming, dancing, and playing with their pussy cats. Their strong bond ignites an energetic field of beautiful chaos allowing them to make art, potions, and wearables for the community that they love to adorn. And they're slutty hot bitches.

Chuck  Profile Picture


Providence, RI / Dallas, TX

Chuck is a fat, non-binary lesbian from Dallas, TX. Their study of philosophy and religion is deeply intertwined with their practices as a visual artist, musician and mover. Their zine "sonorous spaces" explores being as sound and sound as physical extension, mainly consisting of scribbly orb-like doodles and nonsensical ramblings. They aim to befuddle with their work, lacking finitude and certainty, refusing to end a thought with anything but ???

Eat More Spiders | Marcel Mensah Profile Picture

Eat More Spiders | Marcel Mensah

Boston, MA

Marcel Mensah arrived in the late 90's and has developed into a multifaceted illustrator, writer and maker of all things fun and strange. Marcel's core belief is that everyone is an artist and he takes inspiration from old manga, clunky machines and grainy photography.

Eli Kauffman Profile Picture

Eli Kauffman

Providence, RI

Eli Kauffman is a fine artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. They received a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design, and completed a Maharam Fellowship with Wasatch Community Gardens in Salt Lake City. Eli primarily works with figurative painting and printmaking, as well as textiles and drawing.

Kauffman works from a combination of photos and film stills to create artificial, diegetic scenes that ultimately exist in a realm of low fantasy. The storylines are semi-autobiographical, revealing resemblance to the lives of the artist and their friends. Through an ever growing collection of reference images, they amplify the disparity between high-brow and low-brow imagery, resulting in art that references both coming of age TV shows, and dialogue surrounding contemporary figure painting. Sensational color and light are primary formal elements to support the storytelling, and reveal the melodrama in familiar experiences.

Eli Nixon- BLOODTIDE Holiday Profile Picture

Eli Nixon- BLOODTIDE Holiday

Pawtucket, RI

Eli Nixon builds portals and gives guided tours to places that don’t yet exist. They are a settler-descended transqueer clown, a cardboard constructionist, and a maker of plays, puppets, pageants, parades, suitcase theaters, and low-tech public spectaculah. Eli is in the midst of proposing a new holiday in homage to horseshoe crabs; everyone's invited.

Em Robillard Profile Picture

Em Robillard

Providence, RI

Em Robillard is a Providence based illustrator, illustrative designer, comics artist and writer. They have a cat named Leo and enjoy the phrase “all that and a bag of chips”

Eren K Wilson Profile Picture

Eren K Wilson

New Orleans, LA

Eren K Wilson is a comic book artist, educator, former library paraprofessional, and teen advocate.

F E L I C I T A Profile Picture


Providence, RI // Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Felicita is a Puerto Rican / Irish American transdisciplinary artist from Fort Lauderdale, FL, currently in Providence, RI. Their research reflects upon their personal consumption of digital culture and technology. As technology further intermeshes the internet into the physical realm, it has produced its own materiality into our culture. They are primarily focused on how technology is a portal for queer expression. As a way to unload the fluidity & formlessness of gender and identity through themes of the unknown.

fernfloods Profile Picture


Providence, RI

they are a local artist that loves screen printing and drawing silly little clowns

Filipa Estrela  Profile Picture

Filipa Estrela

Providence, RI

My name is Filipa Estrela (any pronouns) , I am a queer, gender-fluid, Cape-Verdean/Macanese-Chinese/Portuguese mixed person of color. I am a working artist who makes comics, crafts and I am constantly seeking new creative skills. My creative practice is a lot about experimenting, exploring, and discovering new things about myself, my work, and the world around me.

GenderFail Profile Picture


Queens, NY

GenderFail is a publishing, programing and archiving platform run solely by Be Oakley. GenderFail is not non-for-profit but profit-for-survival or profit-to-continue-our-work-without-other-means-of-capital and most importantly to make money for others I publish, to create profit-for-labor. With GenderFail, publishing is personal, it’s a means of my livelihood and a tool for the dissemination of imperfect, but powerful idea. For GenderFail, we seek to publish works that expand queer subjectivity by looking at queerness as an identity that challenges capitalist, racist, ableist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, and anti-environmental ideologies.

Haley Johnson Profile Picture

Haley Johnson

Attleboro, MA

Haley Johnson (They, Them) is a Mashpee Wampanoag citizen invested in youth action, the arts, and education. Graduating with a ceramics degree from Rhode Island College in 2021, Johnson now coordinates classes and programs at The Steel Yard, an industrial arts nonprofit, intending to continue making the studios more equitable for students and residents to learn and create. They are the 2022 Work Share Fellow and have been awarded the 2023 Merit fellowship in the ceramics department to continue their studio practices. Johnson is also an Indigenous Empowerment Intern at the Tomaquag Museum, teaching Indigenous history and cultural lifeways during the museum's open days. Additionally, They sit on the board of directors for Rhode Island's first and only transition age (18-24) youth homeless shelter. Johnson has been providing support and case management for the youth housed in the six-bed facility since 2021. In their free time, Johnson likes identifying plants on long hikes, camping, and cooking new foods!

Harry Cassell Profile Picture

Harry Cassell

Providence, RI

Harry is a multi-media craftsperson whose work is based in clay, metal, wood, and paint. Her recent work explores architectural landscapes and elemental narratives.

Haus of Codec Profile Picture

Haus of Codec

Providence, RI

Mission: Building community through the arts and Educational Empowerment. Based in the Creative Capital, Haus of Codec is committed to ensuring an end to transition-aged youth homelessness in Providence through the arts and workforce development.

Vision: To create a safer and more accessible means to housing, care, and essential services for displaced transition aged youth.

co·dec: /ˈkōdek/ noun

noun: codec; plural noun: codecs

a device or program that compresses data to enable faster transmission and decompresses received data for Video and Audio.

John-Francis Quiñonez  Profile Picture

John-Francis Quiñonez

Providence, RI

John-Francis Quiñonez is a
Desert Flower weathering Providence, RI//
An Artist & Writer/// Cultivating Whimsy ////
Has a Full Length of Poems "Keep Your Little Lights Alive (Poems After Kate Bush's 'Hounds of Love' and Others" coming out with Writebloody October "22

Jules Zuckerberg Profile Picture

Jules Zuckerberg

Providence, RI

Jules Zuckerberg is a queer trans cartoonist & craftsperson. They draw & write comics, craft weird critters, and enjoy explorations of kitschy playful interdisciplinary art-making. They grew up in the woods of NY, where they first discovered their love for observing and drawing animals, developing a huge soft spot for insects, amphibians, and anyone else that might be hiding under a log. As they grew into an adult and embraced their own queerness, their art developed alongside, evolving to embody themes of identity through both autobiographical and educational content. They love to amalgamate their many interests and experiences, often resulting in colorful drawings and comics of gay animal people. If you hang out enough times they might draw you a fursona.

June June Profile Picture

June June

Providence, RI

June is a stuttering organizer, librarian, and transsexual. They have zines about abolition and disability and family stuff. It's personal! It's sad! It's hot!

K Czap Profile Picture

K Czap

Providence, RI

K Czap (pronounced “chap”) makes comics about friendship, community, & transcendence. They are the author of Four Years and Fütchi Perf, co-publisher of the Ignatz Award-nominated Ley Lines, colorist of The Breakaways and Freestyle, and the '17-'18 Cartooning Fellow at CCS. They live and work out of Providence, RI.

Kah Yangni Profile Picture

Kah Yangni

Philadelphia, PA

Kah Yangni is an illustrator living in Philadelphia, PA. They make heartfelt art about queerness and joy. Kah’s artistic mission is to heal themself and others by making art that focuses on radical optimism and the what we can do to make the world a more awesome place. Kah uses text, vibrating color, screenprinting, drawing, Photoshop, and collage to bring these messages to life.

Kate Schapira Profile Picture

Kate Schapira

Providence, RI

Kate Schapira is a writer and teacher with over eight years of experience listening to people talk about climate change. Since 2014, she's staffed the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth in Providence, RI, where she's lived for 20 years and is involved with local efforts toward environmental justice, climate justice and peer mental health support. She teaches nonfiction writing at Brown University and leads guest workshops on turning climate anxiety into connection and action.

Legend Lowell  Profile Picture

Legend Lowell

Providence, RI

Legend is a non-binary writer specializing in Fantasy and fiction set in "reality"

Lemon Liu Press Profile Picture

Lemon Liu Press

Wall, NJ

Lemon Liu Press is a small publishing company that focuses on telling the stories of butch lesbians of color. The business is run by Liuxing Johnston, a New Jersey based cartoonist who loves nothing more than drawing romance comics and and watering their ever growing family of houseplants.

Many Folds Press Profile Picture

Many Folds Press

Philadelphia, PA

Many Folds Press is a Philadelphia-based risograph studio, and an extension of FORTUNE, a print collective assembled by/for queer and trans Asians. We work to provide accessible and responsive print services, primarily in Philadelphia, to make room for more queer BIPOC stories, and to celebrate our own — in material forms, in multiples.

Our zines broadly include resource guides and functional objects, and are distributed through alternative, slow, or intentional ways.

Marius Marjolin Profile Picture

Marius Marjolin

Providence, RI

Marius Marjolin is a queer Khmerican printmaker and illustrator based in Providence. Their work is inspired by their Cambodian heritage and their love of deep sea creatures. They will be selling screen prints and digital fine art prints of their work, as well as patches and stickers.

Mer Profile Picture


Providence, RI

Mer is a ceramix artist among other things! come see their cute and hot faeries, fountains, angels, demons, and mortal girls.

MJ Sanqui Profile Picture

MJ Sanqui

Providence, RI

MJ Sanqui (they / them) is a Filipino multidisciplinary artist, designer, and writer from Western North Carolina, currently living in Providence.

Motyko 305 Profile Picture

Motyko 305

Miami, FL

Motyko is the name my mami gave me ; a term of endearment.
It is the form I take to experience myself. Motyko speaks through historical and cultural iconography, bold colors and textures, the language and energy of social movements, and all of my favorite home cooked meals.

Growing up I was told to pick and choose between being a lawyer and a doctor. My mami didn’t know that all her spending on crayons and notebooks meant doodling and in true crayon to paper fashion, imagining a world more just and better than our current one. I never picked up a stethoscope but I did listen to the stories of Miguel and Tina, and organized to imagine a world where they weren’t struggling; where they were free. I didn’t become a lawyer (yet!😳) but I organize and strategize to help build a world free of cages and design pieces that translate complex narratives of identity and belonging into digital form.

With these tools at my side and in the palms of my hands, I create and capture imagery that translates my multicultural and multipurpose existence into our shared realm.

New Urban Arts Profile Picture

New Urban Arts

Providence, RI

Founded in 1997, New Urban Arts is a nationally-recognized community arts studio for high school students and emerging artists. Our mission is to build a vital community that empowers young people as artists and leaders to develop a creative practice they can sustain throughout their lives.

Our free, year-round out-of-school programs promote sustained mentoring relationships between urban high school students and trained artist mentors—who, together, engage in youth leadership, risk taking, collaboration, and self-directed learning.

All the work exhibited at the NUA table at QTZ is made by students at New Urban Arts, and all sales will go to the creators.

Ocean State Ass Profile Picture

Ocean State Ass

Providence, RI

Ocean State Advocacy is a constantly growing community-based organization of current & former sex workers.

We are an anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-whorephobic organization accepting of all backgrounds & experiences within sex work.

Queer & Trans Mutual Aid PVD Profile Picture

Queer & Trans Mutual Aid PVD

Providence, RI

QTMA PVD is a small, volunteer-run and donation-based mutual aid fund for queer and trans folks in the Providence, RI area. We have distributed over $80,000 to LGBTQIA+ Rhode Islanders since our founding in June 2020.

RECIPZines for CARE Profile Picture


Providence, RI

Born in Lenapehoking [Brooklyn, NY] and raised on Lenapehoking/Schaghticoke/Wappinger land [Stamford, CT], by resilient and caring immigrant parents of NEW CHINA KING, Mei Zheng [they/them] is a First-Gen, Queer, Non-Binary, Chinese-American, discursive and experience designer valuing presence, resiliency, and care in organizing community-led solidarity and action. Double concentrating in Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies + History-Philosophy-Social Sciences with Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design [RISD], Mei explores how they care for the earth through regrowth [+care]: spatially, emotionally, and materially. Currently, they are reconnecting with their parents' Fujianese cooking through rest and cooking as an act of rest where ingredients are unique to their own either by hand or by taste.

Rocky's Root Care Profile Picture

Rocky's Root Care

Providence, RI

Rocky Douglas (she/her) is a fine 🍑 southern belle that sprouted and blossomed on the south side of Houston. She’s an herbalist, multimedia artist, event planner, and business owner who cultivates various forms of healing and joy for herself and others as often as she can. She’s currently a 3rd-year Ph.D. student who just graduated with her Masters's in Sociology from Brown University and was awarded honors for her Master’s thesis titled “Trauma is Carried in the Spirit: The Praxis, Pedagogy, and Freedom Dreams of Black Women’s Healing Faith Practices.” She’s also so much more than these titles and accolades—she’s Christina’s daughter, a Douglas, Morris, and a Johnson—which means she’s stubborn, brilliant, and skilled at making a way outta no way. When she’s not cooking, spending time in nature, or writing, she enjoys hosting community events on spiritual care, self-love, and various healing modalities or sharing her homemade products with her communities. She first committed herself to a spiritual journey to heal from PTSD and alcoholism—she continues so she can navigate the anxiety and shadows of these 20-somethings in the 2020s. At her core, she prays that her business, her website, her research, her art—everything that comes out of her really—helps her community and herself heal, find joy, and freedom dream beyond our wounds/traumas.

Roller Ink Riso Profile Picture

Roller Ink Riso

Brooklyn, NY

Roller Ink Riso is a risograph print studio based in Brooklyn, NY (Lenape native land) run and operated by Zarrin Karimi (they/them), Kenisha Rullan (she/they), and Sapphrodite (they/them).

Their studio is centered around community, accessibility, and uplifting Queer and BIPOC expression.

Their services include: consultation, open studio time, risograph education, workshops, publication, and print orders such as art prints, zines, books, flyers, and so forth.

Rowan Jude Profile Picture

Rowan Jude

Southampton, MA

Rowan Jude (they/he) is a queer, transmasc, Latinx, and black mixed media artist hoping to capture the complex coexistence of glee and tragedy, often associated with circus clowns, in his work. They are currently operating out of western MA, where they spend their days as a community organizer and student, all while dreaming of the isles of New Zealand.

Sabii Borno Profile Picture

Sabii Borno


Hello I’m Sabii! (She/They) an illustrator from Queens, New York! I make comics mostly about myself, thoughts, and experiences and love to draw things that interest me! Mostly cool shapes , girls, hair, and other objects I enjoy! I work primarily in print! From Risograph printing to silkscreening I just really love the printmaking process! Excited to see you all at the Zinefest!

Sylvie Brigette  Profile Picture

Sylvie Brigette

Vergennes, VT

Sylvie Brigette is a self professed “touch-and-go” artist exploring the curiosities of life. As a Rhode Islander occasionally residing in Vermont, she turns to art when not working in healthcare. Her work expands on her views of being a west African migrant, taking up space as a plus size black woman, mental health, and varying definitions of the word ”Home”.

Please stop by her table & have a conversation about any of these topics! There will be an exhibit of miniature shrines breaching the subjects above as well as paired poetry zines.

teen zines e.t.c (from the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library) Profile Picture

teen zines e.t.c (from the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library)

Old Lyme, CT

The Teen Department at the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library offers a variety of programs that showcase the power of art, encourage civic engagement, and celebrates local creative talent.

The Teen Department chooses content that prioritizes community responsibility and shows youth how skills and studies are implemented in the world beyond school.

The Library also offers all kinds of learning experiences that are not connected to tests or grades, such as: Art Kits To-Go, Volunteering Opportunities, Book Boxes, and a welcoming, all ages, social space with no entrance fee, and non-structured time!

To find out more, reach out to Nike, Teen Librarian, at ndesis@oldlymelibrary.org

The Haus of Glitter Profile Picture

The Haus of Glitter

Providence, RI

THE HAUS OF GLITTER is a Dance Company + Performance Lab + Preservation Society that works to shift the energetic center of the universe towards care, healing, justice and freedom. In the work we share, preserve and co-create with communities, we strive to embody ancestral liberation, healing and love in every step and every breath of our creative praxis. Since Dec 2019, The Haus of Glitter has been living in + disrupting + healing + transforming the racist national historic monument dedicated to Esek Hopkins, commander of the slavery ship "Sally."

Three Fifty Profile Picture

Three Fifty

Brooklyn, NY

Three Fifty is a collective focused on promoting the mediums of artists’ books, zines, comics, and other self-published printed matter by providing a distribution platform for independent artists. Rooted in the DIY spirit, Three Fifty aims to share artists’ work beyond the confines of the gallery, in order to improve equitable and affordable access to the arts. The publications in Three Fifty’s catalog are expansive in both content and style, working with themes and subjects including personal narrative, abstraction, poetry, socio-political issues, technology, and queer & trans identity.

tommi parrish Profile Picture

tommi parrish

Leverett, MA

Tommi Parrish draws pretty picture books and then hand paints them. Their second big book 'men i trust' is out with Fantagraphics this fall.

Toni Smalls Profile Picture

Toni Smalls

Queens, New York

My name is Toni Smalls - and I am a photographer, poet, art director, and curator born and living in NYC. Each photograph I create is inspired by my poetry and feelings of isolation, uncertainty, despair, the home life; as well as power, lust, rage, and euphoria. These themes are quintessential to the human experience, and I have highlighted my experience through capturing people of color and queer people in every photo. In my poetry, the strong usage of nature such as water, wind, fire and storm become a metaphor for my emotions; experiences intermingling prejudices and mental illness are elevated with unusual phrasing and wording. Through prop and fashion styling, location and model scouting, and finding the right poetry to enhance or inspire my concept; I am able to create a fictional world where fashion can make you feel something.

Zooey Kim Conner Profile Picture

Zooey Kim Conner

Providence, RI

Zooey is a mixed-Korean queer + trans artist making zines, jewelry, amateur taxidermy, costumes, and other handmade objects. Driven by broad, morbid curiosity, their work addresses whatever excites them: the human relationship with nature, Asian-American identity, marginality, death, cool-looking bugs. They live in Providence, Rhode Island.

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