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Adam Green (Glittertooth) Profile Picture

Adam Green (Glittertooth)

Northbridge, MA

Years ago, the DSW at Providence Place Mall was a Borders Bookstore. Adam spent a lot of unsupervised time there drinking espresso and getting fingerprints all over the books in the manga section. He drinks cold brew now.

Alexa Gross Profile Picture

Alexa Gross

New York, NY

I’m a queer mixed-race experimental artist and printmaker fascinated by our minds, emotions, and experiences. I grew up in the Bay Area, went to college in Boston, and recently moved to New York. My art stems from the stories of my communities. I create work about intergenerational memory and Asian-American identity. Inside and outside of my art, I am dedicated to supporting queer and trans mental health. I love making zines, comics, prints, and illustrations!

anti-bone Profile Picture


Richmond, VA

𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖎-𝖇𝖔𝖓𝖊 press is a publication project to inspired by the Korean translation of 반골(反骨) which means "bones are protruding in reverse," which signifies a mindset of resisting and not following the world's affairs or orders from above. It is a queer/trans centered publication project based in Richmond, Virginia that aims to push further that definition of contrarian spirit, the physiognomy of a “traitor.”

What does it mean to embody a rebellious bone? According to ancient East Asian physiognomy, the biological form of the "anti-bone" was believed to mean something like the back of the head protruding or the bones of the cervical region, the nape of the neck, being prominent. In the past, it was a negative word attached to traitors. To have an anti-bone in your family, their very existence was dishonorable. In later generations, it was also used in a neutral sense for resisting or disobeying authority. Especially when that authority is not legitimate, the term 'rebel' can even be used as a compliment close to 'a fighter against unfair power'.

Beatrix Urkowitz Profile Picture

Beatrix Urkowitz

Providence, RI

Beatrix Urkowitz makes comics and art in Providence, Rhode Island. Her works include "She's Done it All!" and "The Beauty Theorem" for Penguin Random House, as well as "The Lover of Everyone in the World" for Popula. The latter was recently expanded into a book of the same name for Parsifal Press, which received the 2022 Ignatz Award for Best Story. She's currently developing "Penelope's Property," her first graphic novel.

Becki Shu & Molly Young Profile Picture

Becki Shu & Molly Young

East Providence, RI

Becki Shu and Molly Young are married artists currently residing in East Providence with their two cats Bean Burger and Pizza Bagel.

Beyond The Understanding Of Gender Profile Picture

Beyond The Understanding Of Gender

Providence, RI

Beyond the Understanding of Gender (BEYOND) is committed to providing a sense of community for transgender and gender-diverse people who are experiencing instability due to housing, loss of family support, mental health, substance use, and incarceration. Through peer-led outreach and support groups, Project Weber/RENEW provides harm reduction and recovery support services, builds relationships with the people we serve, and fights for systemic change. We empower individuals who use drugs and/or engage in sex work and people at risk for and living with HIV & hepatitis C to make healthier and safer choices in their own lives.

We recognize that barriers trans people face around obtaining vital documents, legal procedures, housing, healthcare, employment, and community life can be debilitating, discriminatory, and expensive. We are committed to providing affirming, peer-led advocacy for trans and gender-diverse individuals while navigating the various barriers that come with finding stability and fulfilling one’s full potential.

BOTANICA Profile Picture


Clearwater, FL

Mercedes Angel Acosta is a mixed Cuban storyteller and artist with Indigenous and Arab ancestry. His zines focus on things like harm reduction, resistance, whimsy, spirituality, and wonder. In her spare time, Mercedes works as a community organizer and medic with the BIPOC-led harm reduction team Kaon City Medics.

Cardboard House Press Profile Picture

Cardboard House Press

Providence, RI

Cardboard House Press is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2014 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to the creation of Spanish-English bilingual spaces through small-press publishing, community workshops, and bilingual events. We publish Latin American and Spanish poetry in translation, with a focus on innovative contemporary poetry, historical avant-garde, and social poetics. Our work acts as a platform for the exchange of ideas, uplifting new meanings that provoke connection and social action.

Carmen Pizarro Profile Picture

Carmen Pizarro

Brooklyn, NY

Carmen Pizarro is a Latina Illustrator and Cartoonist based in NYC. They self-publish zines and comics along with translating her art into various other forms such as shirts, prints, and stickers amongst other things. They derive inspiration from their cultural background, fashion she enjoys, horror movies, and numerous comics that they read.

Cathy G. Johnson Profile Picture

Cathy G. Johnson

Providence, RI

Cathy G. Johnson is a cartoonist, printmaker and educator residing on occupied Narragansett land in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work delves into the complicated worlds of young people, exploring the hardships and joys of adolescence. She works with bright splashing colors and atmospheric grayscales, using themes of nature and rebellion. Her graphic novels include ‘Jeremiah’ (2015), ‘Gorgeous’ (2016) and ‘The Breakaways’ (2019). Her self-published comic ‘Black Hole Heart’ (2020) won an Ignatz Award.

Cherry Picking // Rosemary's Babee Profile Picture

Cherry Picking // Rosemary's Babee


Mina & Ro are a femme couple creating wearables in providence, ri. They like to have fun, scream, dance, play, and work side-by-side (which is why you'll see them sharing a table yet again!)

Their strong bond ignites and energetic field of beautiful chaos allowing them to make things for their loved ones and community. They're excited to bring back joy in your life with their slutty hot presence ;)

Combos Press Profile Picture

Combos Press

Catskill, NY

Combos Press is a small publisher of any and all publications. Right now, I’m interested in exploring the world of food and beverage publishing, and centering LGBTQ+ people. Who’s to say what Combos could become in the future!

Crip Distro Profile Picture

Crip Distro

Providence, RI

mad crip autonomy centered 🏴 distro, decentralized medicinal nursery

Dani Profile Picture


Providence, RI

I was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. My love for visual arts was developed very early thanks to my great-aunt, a talented painter, who went out of her way to sign me up for art classes and take me to museums whenever she was able. As an adult, I try to keep honoring her and my culture by trying to create whenever I can.

Daniel Smelansky Profile Picture

Daniel Smelansky

Providence, RI

Daniel Smelansky tends to draw erotically, humorously, and sometimes terrifyingly. His work is sometimes narrative, sometimes auto-biographical, sometimes aspirational. He's a queer Providence-based artist, picture-maker, illustrator, and ballpoint pen lover. He was born in Belarus and grew up on a blend of Russian and American culture together with his 16 year old cat.

Eat More Spiders Profile Picture

Eat More Spiders

Brighton, MA

Marcel Mensah, also known as Eat More Spiders, is a Boston based graphic artist with a passion for community and larger than life storytelling. Marcel’s work explores the uncanny in the world around us. From megalithic super-structures to illustrated stories about loss and community — Marcel spends his time imagining and bringing beautiful ideas into the world.

Marcel also holds the role of Founder and Creative Director for LONER Magazine. A print / digital publication made by artists, for creative people about projects that make the world a better place.

Emma Cornwell Profile Picture

Emma Cornwell

Northampton, MA

Emma is a disabled hard femme lesbian who uses a wheelchair full time. She has a progressive neuromuscular genetic condition with symptoms like fatigue, loss of motor coordination, slurred speech, diabetes etc etc which provide the material for most of her writing and zines. She lives in Northampton, MA with her partner, sweet pup, and cranky kitty.

Eternal Spiral Project Profile Picture

Eternal Spiral Project

Northampton, MA

Haven Douglas' explores the transformational power of symbols in the form of wearable charms and ephemeral imagery and writing. Their work serves to aid in the collective fight to stay open, inspired, sensitive, and alive in the face of the spiritless infrastructures we contend with at varying levels as a society. They embrace a DIY art making process of self published zines and images along with revitalizing recycled garments with dye, fabric paint, and sewing techniques.

F E L I C I T A  Profile Picture


South Florida > Providence, RI

Felicita Devlin is a Puerto Rican - Irish American transdisciplinary artist from Fort Lauderdale, FL, currently residing in Providence, RI. They were birthed and brought into this Earth off the three corners of the Bermuda Triangle. They use craft & technology to develop portals for Boricua queer expression that radiate energy from a supernatural origin.

Fallen Cargo Profile Picture

Fallen Cargo

Carver, MA

Ally Thatcher is a New England-based artist and designer specializing in brand development and art direction. She runs an independent art and design practice called, Fallen Cargo that examines the systems designed to exploit, erase, and skew the histories and cultures of black and brown people in the Americas. Her work ranges from graphic design, illustration, printmaking, photography and ethnology.

fernfloods Profile Picture


Providence, RI

ses (like the beginning of sesame!) is a self taught handpoke tattooer, illustrator, printmaker, photographer, and recovering cosplayer. their queerness, disability, and love for little guys is what compels (coerces?) them to create.

Filipa Estrela Profile Picture

Filipa Estrela

Providence, RI

Filipa Estrela (any pronouns) is a queer genderfluid Cape-Verdean/Chinese/Portuguese BPOC crafter, cartoonist, clown, printmaker, costumer, & educator working in the Providence, RI area as a member of the Queer Archive Work & Binch Press studio.

Filipa creates comics, crafts & other wonders that focus on soft moments, magic in the mundane, & big feelings. They love playing with vibrant color & mixed materials. They seek to spark joy & bring comfort to anyone who connects with their work.

gummy chains Profile Picture

gummy chains

Providence RI

stainless steel chain weaving<3

Haley Peters Profile Picture

Haley Peters

Attleboro, MA

Haley Peters (They/Them) is a Mashpee Wampanoag citizen invested in expressing and reviving cultural memory through sculpture. Since graduating with a ceramics degree from Rhode Island College in 2021, Peters has completed an Education internship with the Tomaquag Museum (Exeter, RI) focused on Eastern Woodlands Indigenous arts and maintains a residency at The Steel Yard as the 2022 Workshare Fellow and the 2023 Ceramics Merit Fellow. When not making art, they coordinate classes and programs at The Steel Yard to continue making the studios more equitable for students and residents to learn and create. Photo by Brittanny Taylor.

Harry Cassell Profile Picture

Harry Cassell

Providence, RI

Harry Cassell is a queer, nonbinary craftsperson based in Providence, Rhode Island and a current resident at The Steel Yard. She is a multimedia artist who has worked in metal, wood, ceramics, and most recently, painting and printmaking. Her work revolves around material culture and languages, primarily how a craftsperson’s experience with one material affects their treatment of other materials
Having been introduced to printmaking in 2022, Harry is currently expanding her work into the two dimensional realm and is enjoying transferring the logic of fabrication and structure to two dimensional designs.

Hew Jewelry Profile Picture

Hew Jewelry

Durham, NC

Nanette Pengelley is a queer, Jamaican-American capricorn and metalsmith from south Florida. She went on to study in Quito, Boston, and Florence. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015 with her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, Nanette has been exploring her practice within her brand, Hew Jewelry. She currently lives in Durham, North Carolina, but spends summers teaching in New England.
Her work is shaped by the materials she is attracted to as she often finds herself captivated by an object simply because of her encounter with it. Whether that object be found on the street, meticulously crafted by her own two hands, or grown in nature, she finds that experience can be carried forward by the wearer, through the act of making something beautiful out of the unconventional.

Jade LFT Peters Profile Picture

Jade LFT Peters

Providence, RI

Jade LFT Peters is an illustrator, comic artist, and printmaker hailing from the most humid part of Texas. Her work celebrates the joy of everyday life, and centers themes of mundanity, humanity, and sad people figuring out how to be happy. And sometimes zombies. Jade's non-art hobbies include constantly rewatching Kiki's Delivery Service and tending a herd of lovingly pampered marimo.

Jamie Profile Picture


Providence, RI

Jamie is a queer muti-media artist based in Providence, RI. She spends her time thinking about the uncanny and our changing environment. Pink and green are her favorite colors.

Jessi Zabarsky Profile Picture

Jessi Zabarsky

Chicago, IL

Jessi Zabarsky is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Chicago. She makes comics about small journeys and big feelings, with queer themes and folksy environments. Her first two graphic novels, 'Witchlight' and 'Coming Back', were published by Random House Graphic, and she’s previously worked with Czap Books, Iron Circus Comics, and Shortbox. She has stopped counting her house plants, because there are now far too many.

Jules Sharpe Profile Picture

Jules Sharpe

Providence, RI

Jules Sharpe is a queer Korean-American cartoonist based in Providence, RI. They enjoy making zines, rollerskating, and playing the organ.

Jules Zuckerberg Profile Picture

Jules Zuckerberg


Jules Zuckerberg is a queer & trans interdisciplinary illustrator, furry artist, and amateur forager. Jules grew up immersed in the wooded biome of the Hudson Valley where their love for observing and drawing from the natural world was born. As Jules grew and came into their own as a queer adult, his art practice evolved alongside, inherently embodying his life and identity as a transmasc nature weirdo. They are a studio member of Binch Press x Queer.Archive.Work.

Julie Fiveash Profile Picture

Julie Fiveash

Somerville, MA

Julie Fiveash is Kinyaa’áanii born for Naakai. Their maternal grandfather’s clan is Táchii’nii and their paternal grandfather is Bilagaana. Julie’s pronouns are they/them/theirs and they identify as non-binary and queer. They are originally from Yuma, Arizona and currently reside in Somerville, MA. They make zines on being queer, being Indigenous, and about all their anxieties regarding existing on this weird and frustrating planet. Please talk to them about libraries and any cool bugs you’ve found recently.

Karen Czap Profile Picture

Karen Czap

Providence, RI

Karen Czap is a cartoonist living in Providence. They're the creator of Fütchi Perf, purveyor of Ley Lines/Czap Books, a member of Binch Press/QAW, and is the colorist for graphic novels like The Breakaways, Freestyle, and more. Enthusiastic about karaoke, the Washington Mystics, and X-Men comics.

Kelsey's Shorts Profile Picture

Kelsey's Shorts

Queens, NY

Kelsey is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Queens, New York. They enjoy drawing empowered people, cats, snakes all things spooky, and is actively involved with small press and self-publishing. They consider themselves an indoor cat.

King Crow Illustrations Profile Picture

King Crow Illustrations

Boston, MA

Im an illustrator, zine maker, and print maker! I primarily work in risograph prints.

L. Alexxii Profile Picture

L. Alexxii


L. Alexxii is a jack of all trades, wearer of many hats. He gets paid to be a gas station attendant, but writing, content creation, and art are what fuels him. Currently wrapping up an associates degree, he hopes to be able to focus on the work that suits him best once it is completed. His current long standing work is a fiction piece written in parts titled, Red, but he has many more titles and small zines on the horizon.

Late Night Copies Press Profile Picture

Late Night Copies Press

Minneapolis, MN

Late Night Copies Press is a is a queer and trans run micro press based in Minneapolis, MN. We publish non-fiction, erotica, and informal research-based writing with an emphasis on local queer and trans history, community libraries, community archives, queer archival collections, queer textiles, and queer artists. Our main series Queer Materials is an invitation to experience a snippet of LGBTQ archival materials found throughout the Midwest. Curated from archives within the region, the goal of Queer Materials is to place a folder of archival materials into the hands of those who care to learn, know, and hold onto the Midwest's queer past.

LUNA Community Care  Profile Picture

LUNA Community Care

Pawtucket, RI

LUNA Community Care is a disabled workers cooperative that provides peer support, education, training, advocacy, and community events centered around Neurodiversity and Disability Justice. We are a neuro-affirming, gender-affirming organization. The zines that we are sharing at this event are all contributed by our members, facilitators & volunteers, all of whom have lived experience as Neurodivergent, Disabled, Queer and Trans individuals.

Madison Tom Profile Picture

Madison Tom

Orange, CT

New England-based artist in love with nature, queer relationships, and color! :-)

Marge Parsons Profile Picture

Marge Parsons

Providence, RI

Marge Parsons is an artist and arts educator from New Orleans, LA. Large-scale metalworking brought her to The Steel Yard in 2021, and she has since lived in Providence, RI. Marge explores the fluidity of steel in her sculptures, influenced by movement and dance. These somatic abstractions are balanced by a practice of quiet drawing and watercolor painting, heavily influenced by poetry. She enjoys slowly unraveling one line of a poem into a world in which figures are interacting with symbols and color. Her works have been shown in several spaces in New Orleans, such as Southern Heat Exchange, as well as spaces such as The Dye House in Providence.

Maria Molteni * Infinite Goddetc Profile Picture

Maria Molteni * Infinite Goddetc

Boston, MA

Maria Molteni is a full time contemporary artist, educator, and mystic with heavy emphasis on participation, collaboration and research in their interdisciplinary practice. With formal training in Painting, Dance and Printmaking (often focused on artist books) their research-heavy process calls upon experimental and traditional publication formats to anchor, bolster and expand their work.

Molteni’s experimental product line Infinite Goddetc + Free Bleed Press publications offer zines, artist books, prints, apparel original tarot + playing cards, and limited editioned art objects that embrace the margins. They center queerness, intersectional feminism and gender expansive mysticism via a playful framework for editions and multiples called “Counting to Infinity

Marius Keo Marjolin Profile Picture

Marius Keo Marjolin

Providence, RI

Marius Keo Marjolin is a queer Khmerican printmaker and illustrator based in Providence, RI.

MER Profile Picture


Providence, RI

Mer loves to make "precious sluts" from clay and other stuff too!

molymoli Profile Picture


Philadelphia, PA

molymoli (jesso wang) is an illustrator and tattoo artist living in Philadelphia. They are a snail just starting to peek its weird face out of its shell.

Natiana Alexandra Profile Picture

Natiana Alexandra

Providence, RI

Natiana Alexandra Fonseca is a textile designer currently exploring various expressions of Afro-Futurist liberation while continuously honoring those who came before us, the violence imposed upon them, and the knowledge embedded within our souls. Natiana’s work is influenced by their upbringing on Wôpanâak land as well as their Cape Verdean and Angolan heritage. Through their practice, Natiana harnesses the energy inherent between the intersections of Black people and fiber arts to communicate these complex and interwoven histories through a combination of painting, weaving, and writing.

NM Esc & Friends Profile Picture

NM Esc & Friends

Brooklyn, NY

Neon Mashurov (NM Esc) is a writer and editor back on the East Coast after a four-year MFA stint in Southern California. Their poetry appears in publications including We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics, Black Warrior Review, Hot Pink Magazine, The Recluse, The Felt, Peach Magazine, and elsewhere. A full-time Sag, they write about nightlife, trans stuff, friendship, and post-Soviet political depression, and the ups and downs of collectivity.

At QTZ fest they will be tabling with their own work as well as work by friends and creators (information to come later).

Ø.K. FOX Profile Picture


Queens, NY

Ø.K. FOX is a print-maker, drag performer, art-worker, and over-thinker based in Queens, NY. After founding Zinefeast while attending SUNY Purchase, they went on to organize Disclaimer Gallery and Paperjazz Zine Fest at Silent Barn. They are interested in building more ethical/redistributive arts communities via dedicated study of Marxist theory, queer liberation, and police abolition. They co-host a weekly podcast called ART AND LABOR, which discusses current and historical political struggles in art and media fields. Their personal practice experiments with the distortion of identity through fandom and mass media.

Ocean State Ass Profile Picture

Ocean State Ass

Providence, RI

Ocean State Advocacy is a S3x Worker Led Community Organization in Rhode Island. We have raised over 100k for s3x worker mutual aid since 2020.

Olivia Fields Profile Picture

Olivia Fields

Brooklyn, NY

Olivia Fields is an African-American illustrator + printmaker based in Brooklyn, NY specializing in editorial + product design, screenprinting her own apparel and risograph artwork. Her drawings are delicate, playing with shapes and forms that intersect and entangle one another tenderly. She has self published and printed a variety of zines and merchandise, with common subjects including autobio, fashion, and transcendence.

Other Publishing Profile Picture

Other Publishing


Other Publishing is a queer and trans E/SE Asian family of six artists and designers working cooperatively as a multi-format internal design studio founded in 2018.

Our work focuses around mythology, queer love and its expensive generosity, sci-fi fantasy and ideas beyond the known, and spaces of play within design.

Our goal is to create a loving, accountable, encouraging space for one another to keep making things that make us excited and happy, for ourselves and our community. To encourage one another to rest when we need to. It is a space for us as friends and family to make outside of capitalism, no leaders, no end goals. To work with clarity, with energy and vision: marshaling chaos for utopia.

PEPOHKI: Percival Shaw Profile Picture

PEPOHKI: Percival Shaw

Salem, MA

New York City subway rat working as a barista by day in Salem, MA! Percival loves tabletop RPGs, nature, and monsters of all shapes and sizes. His work often revolves around acceptance and love in magical settings.

Pine Street Press Profile Picture

Pine Street Press

Providence, RI

Nat Brennan is a printmaker, quilter, ceramic-maker, and illustrator. They are also an arts educator. Their work is structured around the intersection of comfort and guilt while focusing on trans and queer narratives.

Avery June Shaw is an artist and graphic designer. She focuses on interactive research, information equity, and the little ways we can make something fair. She is also an avid jewelry-maker and shell-collector.

Portal Rental Profile Picture

Portal Rental

Providence, RI

Providence art band Portal Rental present THE MAGIC CAR WASH: a fun, multi-sensory experience hosted out of the back of a customized box truck. Viewers of all ages will be invited to enter the portal: a mini-theater simulating the mesmerizing feeling of being in a car going through a car wash. Find yourself awash in short experimental films featuring Portal Rental’s music among live-action footage, stop-motion animation, and puppetry.

QQ Cuts Profile Picture

QQ Cuts

East Providence, RI

QQ Cuts is a queer hairstyling project by artist Eden Tai. The project offers queer and trans neighbors the opportunity to engage with hair and "beauty" in a way that is consent-focused, gender-affirming, new, and playful. In addition to showcasing her hair offerings, Tai will have needle-felted crafts and photo prints on display.

QTMA PVD Profile Picture


Providence, RI

QTMA PVD is a small, volunteer-run mutual aid fund for queer and trans folks in
the Providence, RI area. We do payouts once per week and respond to requests several times per week. We have distributed over $80,000 since our founding in June 2020.

RI Abortion Doulas (RAD) Profile Picture

RI Abortion Doulas (RAD)

Providence, RI

RAD is made up of full-spectrum and abortion community doulas; we support all types of abortion experiences and work across the state of Rhode Island. Every doula in RAD is self/independently employed -we do not work for or report back to any organizations outside of insurance. While we all have different approaches to the work we carry out, we value autonomy, choice within reproductive journeys, and that everyone who seeks care during their abortion should have access to it.

Roller Ink Riso Profile Picture

Roller Ink Riso

Brooklyn, NY

Roller Ink Riso is a risograph studio and print shop based in Brooklyn, NY (Lenape native land) and is centered around community, accessibility, and uplifting queer and bipoc expression. Services include: consultation, open studio time, risograph education, workshops, publication, community events, and print orders such as art prints, zines, books, flyers, and so forth.

Sabii Borno  Profile Picture

Sabii Borno

New York New York

Hello I’m Sabii! (She/They) an Illustrator / Printmaker from Queens, New York! I make comics mostly about myself, thoughts, and experiences and love to draw things that interest me. From cool shapes to girls, hair, and other objects I enjoy. I work primarily in print due to my love of printmaking process.

Sam Nehila Profile Picture

Sam Nehila

Providence, RI

Sam Nehila is a printmaker and art historian based Providence, RI. Working in stone lithography, relief, and collage, his work responds to the lack of transgender representation in the discipline of art history through the viewpoint of a trans artist and scholar. He is a co-organizer of PVDPrintmakers (@pvdprintmakers), an online and in-person community group working to support and connect printmakers across Rhode Island.

Sanika Phawde Profile Picture

Sanika Phawde

Boston, MA

I am an illustrator, educator, cartoonist and reportage artist born and raised in India and currently based between Boston, Providence and New York City.

Through autobiographical comics, visual essays, drawings on location, gouache paintings and illustrated interviews with members of my local community, my work strives to capture and communicate instances of emotional connection and intimacy, queer immigrant culture and conversations people have over meals.

Santo Jacobsson Profile Picture

Santo Jacobsson

New York, NY

Santo Jacobsson is a trans latino Illustrator and Graphic Designer that explores the universality in sharing unique moments about his life in Ecuador, his medical transition and queer love stories. He has had work shown with Lincoln Center, Mission Magazine, The Village and Society of Illustrators.

Side Projects Profile Picture

Side Projects

Philadelphia, PA

Side Projects is a container for Olivia Fredricks' publishing practice. Here you'll find prints and zines and other things that feel a little tangential to the main action. Tinkering and puttering happen often and everything's for sale. Its name describes the marginal nature of creative work — every project becomes a side project when an artist does too many things at once.

Skullingway Profile Picture


Brooklyn, NY

Ripley Ash is a chronically-ill, nonbinary illustrator who lives in Brooklyn, and previously lived in Texas for 27 years. Their work explores dread and unease through environments, many scenes pulled directly from locations right outside their door. They currently have a series called ‘Metastasize’ that explores these feelings with capitalism and the climate crisis manifesting into a cosmic horror story about Brooklyn. Another theme they are working on, ‘No More Body’, explores the horror of the body and gender identity. With these themes expressed in horror imagery juxtaposed with mostly pastels and light colors, some have described their work as "cute existentialism". They also love anime, horror movies, and drawing their favorite queer characters.

Sojourners for Justice Press Profile Picture

Sojourners for Justice Press

Brooklyn, NY

Sojourners for Justice Press is a micro press that opens its platform to people working experimentally with print based media. We publish short form and ephemeral zines, pamphlets, and booklets that engage do-it-yourself, Black feminist, and abolitionist philosophies or visions. The press was founded by Mariame Kaba in 2020 and is co-directed by Neta Bomani.

Sophie Morse Profile Picture

Sophie Morse

Boston, MA

Sophie is an illustrator based in Boston, MA. Her work consists of stuff her 14-year-old self would think is super cool. She hopes you think it is super cool too.

Steve Beres Profile Picture

Steve Beres

Providence, RI

Steve Beres is an artist and musician who loves to talk about queer masculinity, iconography in everyday life, road rage, and is hoping for a sunny day

Teen Volunteers of PGN Library  Profile Picture

Teen Volunteers of PGN Library

Old Lyme, Connecticut

Come check out work by this year’s summer volunteers from the Old Lyme Library (aka The Phoebe). We are community of youth who are learning about zines as an outlet of self-expression.
Zines can be informative and artistic. It is cool that at QTZ we can monetize these things. The volunteers will decide together how to redistribute the funds we make today with the spirit of QTZ Fest in mind. This is our second ever Zine Fest, come visit our table to say hi!

The Haus of Glitter Profile Picture

The Haus of Glitter

Providence, RI

THE HAUS OF GLITTER is a Dance Company + Performance Lab + Preservation Society that works to shift the energetic center of the universe towards care, healing, justice and freedom.

The True Toad Profile Picture

The True Toad

Somerville, MA

Larry Dembski (he/they) is a queer & neurodivergent illustrator, textile artist, and printmaker, but he primarily writes Tabletop and Live-Action Roleplaying Games.
They aim to create emotional experiences about communities, loneliness and shame, and love in its many forms. Larry's wish is to cultivate tender experiences for players to access vulnerability together and with themselves. In other words: to awaken the radical power of community connection and self actualization.

Three Fifty  Profile Picture

Three Fifty

Brooklyn, NY

Three Fifty is a queer and trans collective focused on promoting the mediums of artists’ books, zines, comics, and other self-published printed matter by providing a distribution platform for queer and trans independent artists. Rooted in anticapitalism and accessibility, we aim to create a space for artists to gather autonomously without the need for institutional approval. We thrive on interpersonal connection above all and use zine fests as an occasion to meet new friends and comrades as well as provide a space for creative play through our workshops. Our publications are expansive in both content and style, working with themes including personal narrative, abstraction, poetry, socio-political issues, technology, and queer & trans identity.

Twenty Two Zines Profile Picture

Twenty Two Zines

Salem, MA

Twenty Two Zines is a zine distro sharing zines about love, life, and the occult. Run by trans goth flower child Wesley Sueker. Everything he brings to QTZ is available for free or donation!

Unpeeled Eyes Profile Picture

Unpeeled Eyes

Providence, RI

Unpeeled Eyes is comprised of two book artists, Iris Wright and Ivana Primero, who are part of Art Book Collective Providence (ABC PVD), a small group of artists who value the tactile art book form and work both collaboratively and alongside each other. Unpeeled Eyes is a subgroup of ABC PVD that centers queer trans experience.

Ivana (she/her) is a lesbian Filipina, raised in rural Pennsylvania and currently based in Providence. Her work in book arts considers materiality, recycling, and reuse as forms of healing, remembering, and non-violence, as well as spontaneity, joy, and play. She is also a musician, aspiring librarian, and kombucha enthusiast.
Iris Wright (xe/xem/xyr) is a trans, queer, multimedia artist living and working in Providence, RI. Xe grew up in Illinois and trained as an artistic writer before pursuing a degree in Visual Art and Literary Arts at Brown University where xe received the Ann Belsky Moranis Award for exceptional skill in visual art. Xyr poetry is featured in various publications, including Grain Magazine and Susquehanna Review, and has won numerous awards, including the Southwest Prairie Conference Critic’s Choice Award in Poetry judged by José Olivarez. Xyr sculptures and prints have been on display at venues in Providence, including the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts and the Warwick Center for the Arts. Xe makes art that is worn, spoken, and touched to demonstrate communication’s futility, especially where it attempts to capture queer identity. View xyr work at iriswrite.com.

Vicky Chen Illustration Profile Picture

Vicky Chen Illustration

Boston, MA

Vicky Chen is an illustrator who loves to draw silly creatures and dabbles in the art of comics.